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Summer Leadership Program Facilitator

PBY Inc. recognizes the need and importance of girls having a mentor to help guide them and make responsible decisions through life. As a facilitator, it is your responsibility to help your group of girls make positive life decisions that will help maximize their potential. By becoming a facilitator, you help girls in the program become more confident in themselves, have tangible positive influences, and encourage them in reaching personal, academic, and professional goals. Applications close 5/15/17.

Role of Mentor

·      Be able to facilitate workshops independently and with people

·      Serve as positive role model to mentees

·      Build self-esteem and confidence of mentees

·      Effectively communicate to mentees values and mission of program

·      Relate societal focuses to current teenage issues

·      Facilitate pre and post evaluations

·      Serve as liaison between mentees and PBY Inc. Executive team

 Time Commitment

·      Must be willing to attend all summer program sessions

·      Communicate with mentee weekly outside of program

·      Attend initial training sessions, as well as mentor meetings

 Participation Requirements

·      Must be at least a senior at a college/university or bachelors degree obtained

·      Must be at least 21 years old

·      Must have a method of transportation to get to site

·      Have a passion and enthusiasm for working with teens

·      Open and honest about personal life experiences

·      Be willing to adhere to all program procedures and policies

·      Reliable, dependable, and consistent in meeting time commitments

·      Be able to document necessary information, and submit it

·      Must pass both application and screening process before working with kids

Desirable Qualities

·      Passion for issues pertaining to young girls

·      Supportive and encouraging

·      Positive role model in community

·      Tolerant and sensitive to cultural differences

·      Good listener

 Application & Screening Process

·      Submit Application

·      Provide two (2) professional references

·      Personal Interview

·      Background Check and Sexual Offender Registry Check

·      Attend mentor orientation and training

 For more information, please call 240-459-8265 or email

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