About PBY Inc. 


The History

Project Beautify You, Inc. (PBY Inc.) was founded in 2011, and established as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization in 2013, by Feyi Odukoya, after encountering an 8 year old battling self - esteem issues. In 2013, Feyi made a decision to leave her career in the accounting field to fully focus on PBY Inc. and help girls reach their highest potential. The program began with 5 girls and a 12 week curriculum focused on self-esteem and confidence building. As PBY Inc. grew, Feyi realized many girls were becoming confident but were struggling in their academics and other areas of life. From there, PBY Inc. restructured its program to fully help girls become a success in their careers, college, and life. 

 PBY Inc. focuses on equipping girls from underserved neighborhoods with the resources needed to thrive academically, professionally, and socially, so that they can break the poverty cycle and become a contributing resource to their community. Since its inception, PBY Inc. has grown from 5 girls to reaching over 300 girls through its programs, and events. PBY Inc. has gained tremendous support through its community and has been highlighted on local news station WUSA 9. 


Our Mission

To teach girls how to be leaders by preparing them for college, career, and life success, through building their self-worth, confidence, and purpose.


Our Vision

To see girls confidently and boldly pursue their dreams and postsecondary education, that they might become the next generation of leaders in their respective careers.