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Spring cleaning your relationships can be one of the most complicated things to do. Relationships, whether romantic or platonic, play huge roles in our lives. Part of being human is having the need to be social and feel included. But we have to be aware of who we surround ourselves with. They say great minds think alike, and our circle can definitely affect our actions and point of view. Letting go of someone can be hard to do, especially if that person has been in your life for years. But when assessing your relationships, think about this: how is this relationship serving me?

No, I don’t literally mean “what is this person doing for you?” I mean, is this relationship supporting your growth? Is this relationship making you feel valued? Is the relationship mutually beneficial? It is not selfish to remove people who are stunting your growth. You meditate and practice gratitude to feed your mind. You drink water and eat healthy to feed your body. Positive relationships are necessary to feed your spirit.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Do NOT apologize for who you are. We sometimes feel pressure to accommodate others. To fit in. We mute certain parts of ourselves to make others comfortable. Stop. You cannot live out your full potential if you cannot be your full self. Celebrate every quirk and quality that you possess. Anyone who does not recognize the greatness that is within you, doesn’t deserve to experience it.
  • You are NOT crazy. Trusting your gut is not just a cute phrase. Your instincts are real and you should definitely listen to them. If you have a strong intuition that someone cannot be trusted, leave them be. You should never have to question someone’s intentions towards you.
  • “Birds of a feather, flock together.” Peer pressure is real and does not always have to be a negative thing. Surrounding yourself with people who are ambitious, positive, and genuine encourages the growth of those traits within you as well. Stay close to people who inspire and motivate you. Distance yourself from those who drain you.
  • Sometimes you outgrow people. We are always evolving and our relationships should as well. If you notice a friend or significant other seems to always be making the same mistakes or doing the same things, that should be a concern. What happens if you keep wearing a pair of shoes you’ve outgrown? You can’t walk, it’s too uncomfortable. Staying in a stagnant relationship can keep you from moving forward. Just because a relationship is familiar, does not mean it should continue.  
  • Variety is a good thing. For some of us, we need multiple social groups. The girls you call to go to the club. The friends you do yoga with. The coworkers who can help with a business strategy. The classmates who enjoy a book club. Different groups help develop different parts of us. Don’t be afraid to branch out!

Spring is a time for renewal and growth. In the same way that we clean out our home, we have to maintain the same cleanliness in our minds, bodies and relationships. All of these different aspects feed our spiritual health and growth. Like most things in life, quality over quantity. One simple practice and create immense change. One positive thought in the morning can change our whole day. Changing one meal everyday to a nutritious alternative can lead to better health. One positive friend can be all we need. We hope this series has helped you reach a new level of peace in your life. Happy Spring!

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