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It can be hard to shake off the cobwebs of winter. But as the weather clears, we want to help you clear your mind too. Life can get pretty hectic at any time, between all the responsibilities that come with work, maintaining your home, family, friends, a significant other, and your physical health it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Well don’t panic. There are lots of ways to control your stress and prevent it in the future. Here are some tips:

  1. Take a breath!

Deep breathing is a quick and easy way to release some tension and calm the mind. Whether it is during yoga or a crazy day at work, learning how to control your breathing is a huge asset. Find a quiet space and consciously slow your breathing. Inhale through your nose while counting to 10, concentrate on feeling how your lungs expand. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, count to 10 and focus on how your midsection contracts as you release your breath. Repeat until you feel better!

  1. Write it out

When life gets especially stressful and everything seems a mess, journaling can be a great way to create some focus. Whether you need to vent or make a to-do list, writing is a way to filter through all the thoughts in your mind to get to what’s important. If nothing seems to be working out, start an appreciation journal. From waking up in the morning to the names of your loved ones, write down everything that you’re grateful for. Create a vision board and hang it in your room to focus on your future goals! Use post it notes and write down positive words and affirmations around your home to uplift you throughout the day! Writing changes your focus, which then changes your attitude, which makes everything more manageable!

  1. Break it down

If you have a big project or deadline looming over you, it can seem like too much to handle at first. Rather than deal with it all, some of us might turn to procrastination. Stop! Break everything down. Set mini goals for yourself to complete necessary tasks bit by bit. So over time you’ve remained productive and that big project won’t seem so bad.

  1. Clear the clutter

Believe it or not, our environment has a huge impact on our mind. When it comes to our home or workspace, reorganizing can definitely benefit how we think. No one wants to walk to a desk covered with papers or enter a room filled with boxes and random junk. We immediately feel shut in and overwhelmed. No worries! Take some time to declutter and get your space in order. Walking into a clear and organized space makes us feel in control and productive. Get rid of those old papers and knick knacks that are just collecting dust!

  1. Unplug

With non-stop access to the news and social media today, all of that info bombarding our brains can simply be too much. It’s always good to be aware of what’s going on in the world, but it never hurts to disconnect and create some quiet time. The news is usually full of negativity and fear, whether it be local crime to global wars. And social media, though it connects us, can quickly turn into a competition between who’s doing the most. It’s easy to compare our lives to an instagram page of highlights and begin to feel inadequate. An easy solution is to simply turn the tv and notifications off. Pick a time, over the weekend or before bedtime where you unplug from electronics so you can clear your mind.

Need more guidance? Here is a list of apps that help keep you mentally strong!

  • Breathe2Relax: Developed for stress management, the app helps users move through breathing exercises to reduce stress, stabilize moods, control anger and manage anxiety.
  • Gratitude Journal: An app creates a journal at your fingertips to log grateful moments as you go! You can look back on past lists, tag friends and geotag your entries.
  • Calm: An app that aids you in meditation, it features nature sounds and step-by-step guides for practices that calm your mind.
  • SleepBetter: A good night’s rest is key to mental health. This app helps you track your sleeping habits, dreams and improve bedtime habits.

Remember, you control your brain, not the other way around! We hope these tips and apps help you reach a clearer mind! Do you have your own ways to create peace of mind? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter and tell us!

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