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Mayhem2With a nickname like Mayhem, you have to be up to some amazing things right? Well 5 year old Mayhem is doing just that. Born on Christmas Eve of 2009, Mayhem has been making headlines with her handmade dresses modeled after runway gowns worn by celebrities. What are these amazing handmade dresses made of, you ask? Paper. Crepe paper, plastic bags and tape among other art supplies. Crazy right?  Daughter of two professional photographers, the family lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. How did Mayhem get started in fashion design? At first it was her fascination with her mom, Angie’s, wardrobe. Angie would find random clothes and accessories, from skirts to spanx, in her daughter’s toy box. When Angie told her that her clothes were now off-limits, Mayhem would bring items like dish towels, pillowcases and safety pins and ask Angie to “dress her up.” Eventually, Angie suggested they make a dress out of paper and haven’t stopped since.

Mayhem has recreated dresses created by iconic designers, such as Dolce & Gabbana Mayhem and momand Alexander McQueen. Her mother would post her daughter’s creations on instagram, the Huffington Post featured an article on the duo and it took off from there. Mayhem’s skills are surprisingly technical, she uses an app called S Pen to sketch the dress onto a picture of herself before she works. Her mom says the app helps her figure out the proportions of the dress.

Mayhem, despite her young age was seen a few fashionshows, getting the VIP treatment at New York Fashion Week. She’s been featured in Huffington Post, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, People and Buzzfeed among other media outlets. And she’s also landed a designing job with clothing store J. Crew, she’s been collaborating with them to create a new clothing line for kids that will be dropping this spring. We can only imagine what Mayhem will accomplish in her future! You can follow her on instagram @2sisters_angie and check out the family blog at

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